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IMG_8530I’m going to tell you a story, and if you currently have a house on the market, this story is going to make you hate me.  I’m sorry about that.  I really am, but this tale needs to be told because it’s just too good to keep it to myself.  Continue Reading…

To New Seasons

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There is one upside to receiving a thousand inches of rain in one night.  It provides a perfect opportunity for creek wading the following day.IMG_9240We have two wet weather creeks on the property.  For those of you who didn’t grow up in the woods and don’t know the lingo, a “wet weather” creek only runs after a rainfall.  Most of the time, our little creeks are just sand pits with the occasional tadpole puddle in the deeper areas, but once it starts raining even just a tad, our little creeks start flowing. Continue Reading…

From Home to House

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I haven’t been myself lately.  All this packing and unpacking has started to take it’s toll. For some reason when my house feels chaotic, my life mimics the feeling, and I get all weird inside my head.

My brain is hardwired for organization and schedules.  I like to know the plan and for everything to go according to it.  When it starts to feel like the plan isn’t going to happen, this weirdness sets in and I begin worrying about things that are completely out my control and expressing those feelings with tears, big, salty, wet tears.  I know it’s not a grown up way to deal with uncertainty, but you can’t reason with tear ducts. Continue Reading…

In My Head

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My head is crazy full at the moment.  It seems every ten seconds or so, my thoughts switch gears and go a completely different direction.  In the last ten minutes, these are some the thoughts that have been swimming around in my brain: Continue Reading…


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IMG_9016There has never been a day in her life that she has not had frizzlies surrounding her face.  Try as I have to tame them, brush them, or pin them back, those little hairs manage to squirm free every time.

I can tell how much fun she’s had during the day by the state of those frizzlies.  More frizzlies = more fun.

I’ve quit trying to manage them.  I just brush her hair once in the morning and then let them do their thing. It’s funny.  Now that I’ve finally given up the fight with the frizzlies and accepted defeat, I’ve found that I actually love the way they surround her face and soften her hair line.

Sure, some days she looks like she’s been zapped by lightening at the end of the day, but she wouldn’t be my girl without them.