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I just want to take a minute to pay tribute to our beloved Chick Chick.

May she rest in peace.IMG_9638

(Side note: In this picture she was dust bathing in potting soil. So in case you’re wondering, that’s the black junk caught in her nose.)

She had a very unfortunate mishap with a stick last week that Edie happened to be throwing around the yard.

Now, Edie didn’t throw it directly at the chicken or anything. I mean, that would be cruel, and while one might argue that since we have had such a crummy track record with keeping chickens alive around here that giving us any chickens to care for is an act of cruelty in and of itself, trust me, this death was purely an accident. Continue Reading…

Around Here

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Well, September is finally here, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I am not what you would call a summertime  kind of girl. Oh, I tolerate the season and rarely speak ill of it mainly because I like summertime’s easy footwear of flip flops and sandals, but for the most part, I prefer temperatures where I can see my breath when I exhale as opposed to these hot, humid days of constant perspiration. There isn’t enough deodorant in the world for us Alabamians during that last week of August. It can be brutal around here.

I know I haven’t posted a farm update in quite some time, but the truth is not much has changed over the past month or so. When you are paying cash for everything and trying to remain debt free, progress can be rather slow. Well, Ken did install an alarm system because I’m a wienie and need it to help me sleep through the night when he’s out of town, but I didn’t feel like an alarm was really all that noteworthy and worth mentioning…until now, that is.

We did start a major project over the holiday weekend, and I will post those pictures soon. (I’ll give you a hint: We built something, outside in the heat, and it rhymes with neck). But until then, I emptied the card on my camera last week, and I have a handful of pictures of us just around the house, doing our everyday thing that I wanted to share.

So here goes… Continue Reading…

So anybody who has made the jump and decided to homeschool their kids has undoubtedly been faced with the question of socialization. People are always concerned that my kids aren’t getting enough exposure to other children and are going to grow up to be social outcasts as a result. I know their hearts are in the right place and that these people are only showing their concern for my kids, but honestly, when I’m faced with that question, I just laugh.  Then I introduce them to my daughter, the most social little butterfly they’re ever gonna meet.

Trust me, socialization is not a problem for us. It’s really not a problem anymore for most homeschooled kids. Now I know there’s always going to be some weird fringe element out there. I’m not talking about those guys. I’m just talking about normal folks that have decided to homeschool for one reason or another but mostly because they think their kids will get a better education. Not the crazy homeschooling whack-a-doos that give us average home-schoolers a bad name (you know who I’m talking about).

Back to my point…socialization is not a problem for us. There is so much offered now that we could go to some sort of homeschool function every day and every night of the week if we wanted to.  In fact, our problem is not finding activities where my kids can be around other children, but instead, how to get their schoolwork done in the midst of carting them to all their extra-curricular activities.

But just so you aren’t worried about them, here’s a run down of all that we are involved in this year: Continue Reading…

Homeschool Curricula: Age 5

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If Roark weren’t homeschooled, he would be headed to kindergarten this year. Kindergarten! Yikes! It doesn’t seem possible!

When my children were babies, I used to look at other people’s school-aged kids and think how big and grown-up those kids looked compared to my babies, and now I look at my little kindergartener and he doesn’t seem grown-up enough to be in school seven hours a day. While he doesn’t have chubby, fat roles anymore or crawl around on his belly, he is still the youngest one in the house and therefore, the baby.

Can babies go to kindergarten?

I guess they can.

Thank goodness though my baby doesn’t have to spend this year away from home in some classroom at school.  Instead, he will be joining his sister and me at the school table…or in the woods…or at the park…or all the other places we manage to fit in learning and school work.

Last year, my primary focus with Roark’s education was to teach him how to read and understand basic numbers.  However this year, his work load will increase substantially.  There’s very little independent work that he can do at this age.  So most of Roark’s school time will be spent sitting right next to me.

Here is what Roark will be working on this year: Continue Reading…

Everywhere we go these days, everyone is talking about the new school year.  The check-out lines at Wal-mart are filled with buggies overflowing with “Back to School” supplies, and my Pinterest feed has an abundance of “First Day of School” ideas. In a couple of days, Facebook with be covered up with pictures of your adorable children sporting their new back packs and clean sneakers, and I can’t wait to see them all.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a little twinge of guilt every time a new school year rolls around.  Since my children don’t ever leave school, there’s really no going back to it. My kids are never going to experience that big ball of excitement and nerves rolling around in their stomach as they walk into a new classroom on the first day of school. While other children this week are riding buses with their neighborhood buddies and sitting in desks beside new friends, my kids will still be in their pajamas, eating breakfast, and reading the back of the cereal box like it’s just another day…because to them, it will be. Continue Reading…