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Gone Back to My Roots

Leigh —  June 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

“I’d didn’t realize until recently how much you loved animals,” Ken said to me this past weekend while we took a break from our yard work to watch the ducks in the pond.

I thought about it for a second and then said, “Oh, I’ve always loved animals,” like it was a well-known fact, but the truth is, I think I had kind of forgotten it about myself as well. If your not careful, motherhood can do that to you sometimes, make you forget who you once were before all the babies came.

For the past nine years I have been so wrapped up in wiping runny noses and sticky counter tops or fussing at kids for not knowing where their shoes are or leaving wet towels on the floor that I didn’t have time to add animals to the chaos. Pets were a luxury for people with time on their hands. Not new parents. Continue Reading…

Many moons ago when we first started looking at property, Ken had a lot of opinions about what he was looking for. He’s normally a pretty easy-going fella, but when it came to land, he was quite picky. His dream property needed to be ten or more acres, off the beaten path, out of Jefferson County, with oodles of potential.

Me, on the other hand? I only had one criteria when it came to land. I wanted water. That makes sense, right? Continue Reading…

Follow the Rules

Leigh —  September 9, 2014 — Leave a comment

I just want to take a minute to pay tribute to our beloved Chick Chick.

May she rest in peace.IMG_9638

(Side note: In this picture she was dust bathing in potting soil. So in case you’re wondering, that’s the black junk caught in her nose.)

She had a very unfortunate mishap with a stick last week that Edie happened to be throwing around the yard.

Now, Edie didn’t throw it directly at the chicken or anything. I mean, that would be cruel, and while one might argue that since we have had such a crummy track record with keeping chickens alive around here that giving us any chickens to care for is an act of cruelty in and of itself, trust me, this death was purely an accident. Continue Reading…

I just want to say from the beginning, I am NOT a vegetarian, not by any stretch.  I think there is a reason God gave us all pointy, sharp teeth, and that’s because we are made to eat meat.  Yummy, tasty protein that is good for our bodies and souls.

Why do I feel the need to say all that?  Well, we killed our first meat bird last night, and I haven’t been able to eat anything since we put it in the freezer. Continue Reading…

R.I.P. Brush Piles

Leigh —  July 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you’ve been paying attention around here, then you already know that we’ve had some brush piles issues on the property.   And when I use the word “issues”, I’m really using  a euphemism for “big, huge thorn in my side that seemed like it was going to be sticking it to me for the rest of my life.”  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it (read: complained about it) a time or two…or maybe even a dozen.

But I’ve never really written out the whole story of the brush piles and how they came into our lives. I promise I won’t spend this whole post complaining, but in order to tell the tale, there might be an teeny-tiny bit of belly-aching.  I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.  Scouts honor.

When we bought the property, it started out as just acres and acres of forest, and even though we wanted to keep it that way for the most part, we needed a driveway and a spot to put a house. So sometime around last August, we called an excavator to bring out a bunch of big machines and partially clear a portion of the land.

I must say, those machines were amazing.  It really was incredible watching them push down huge trees with hardly any effort at all.  We were all in awe of the process, but as the trees fell, we noticed that the fallen trees kept getting piled up and pushed to the edge of the woods.

We did have the sense to ask if there was another option, but the excavator just kind of shrugged us off.  He assured us that in about six months the wood would be good and dry and burn with no problem.  Since this was our first time clearing land, we didn’t know any better and just thought, “Well, those fallen trees have to go somewhere, I guess.”  But as the project wore on, they continued to pile up and up and up.  There seemed to be no good place to put all that extra wood.Brush-Pile-1 Continue Reading…