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Gimme A Break

Leigh —  April 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

Ken travels a good bit for work. Sometimes it’s just a one nighter here or there, and then other times he’ll be gone for weeks at a time. I don’t love it when he’s gone, but after fifteen years of marriage, I’ve learned to deal. I can pretty much handle the kids and the day to day duties that keep this family running, but after awhile even I have a breaking point.

I recently reached that point sometime near the end of last year (which might also help explain my lapse from blogging).

“I need a break,” I announced one evening around Christmas, “and I don’t think a date night is going to cut it. I mean, a real break where I have to get on a plane and I  have a chance to actually miss the kids.” I think it’s good for a mommy to miss her children every once in a while. It’s makes me a better mom.

That’s fine. I could use a vacation too. You plan it, and I’ll be there.

And so that’s how I found myself in Arizona a few weeks ago staring at this:Grand Canyon Continue Reading…

Motorhome Revival

Leigh —  July 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

I spent an entire day last week washing the motorhome.  Seriously, from morning ’til night.  It wasn’t my intention at first, but the project just kind of grew.  It all started when I walked outside that morning and caught a glimpse of our motorhome parked under some trees in our driveway.

There it sat, looking all sad and unused.  It wanted to be cleaned up.  It was begging for a bath.  I could just feel it. (I could also see it because it was covered in tree poo.) So I put my other chores on hold, went inside and changed my clothes, and asked Ken to drive it out from under the trees before he left for work. Continue Reading…

DSCN8491It takes a lot of coordinating to take a picture like this.  You wouldn’t believe it.  We had to start months ago.  Emails had to be sent. Flights had to be booked. Schedules had to be rearranged, but we did it!  And the reward was four blissful days together, sitting on a beach, laughing our fannies off.  Continue Reading…

Gimme A Break

Leigh —  September 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

Every once in awhile I need a break.  A break from preparing meals and washing underwear, from grocery shopping and schooling kids.  While I love what I do and thank God daily for a cup that’s overflowing, sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all. It makes me a better mommy.

If I can’t take Ken with me, then these are the girls I want to go with: DSCN7416I love these girls more than life itself…even though they hardly ever read my blog.  I guess in a lot of ways they don’t need to read it because they are in the trenches, living it with me.

They are my sisters. OK…so maybe we aren’t related by blood, but over the past ten years, life has bonded us together with all that’s it thrown at us.  They’ve got my back, and I’ve got theirs.

Continue Reading…

I can’t believe our vacation journal has turned into a nine part series.  It can mean one of two things.  Either we had such a blast that it’s taken over 30,000 words to write it all down, or I’m just long winded.  Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

 The last stop on our trip was Sevierville, Tennessee.  You probably know it better as Pigeon Forge, but technically we were camping right inside the city limits of Sevierville.  So that’s what we’re going to call it.

This part of Tennessee is over-the-top tourist trap.  I don’t mind this so much now that I have kids because they think tourist traps are the gateway to adventures, but I really like to find places that offer new experiences…or at the very least, one’s that don’t start with the word “Ripley’s.”  However, I needed to find a location off the highway and halfway between the Shenandoah Valley and Birmingham, and Sevierville fit the bill. 

I decided that if we are going to be camping in a tourist trap we were at least going to find something to do that was off the beaten path.  I searched and scanned the web until I found exactly what I was looking for…the Deer Farm Exotic Petting Zoo. 

 We didn’t know exactly what to expect when we pulled up.  I figured there would at least be deer there, but the word “exotic” really made me wonder.  Would we see animals that we’d never seen before?  Yes…yes, we would. Continue Reading…