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Many moons ago when we first started looking at property, Ken had a lot of opinions about what he was looking for. He’s normally a pretty easy-going fella, but when it came to land, he was quite picky. His dream property needed to be ten or more acres, off the beaten path, out of Jefferson County, with oodles of potential.

Me, on the other hand? I only had one criteria when it came to land. I wanted water. That makes sense, right? Continue Reading…

R.I.P. Brush Piles

Leigh —  July 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you’ve been paying attention around here, then you already know that we’ve had some brush piles issues on the property.   And when I use the word “issues”, I’m really using  a euphemism for “big, huge thorn in my side that seemed like it was going to be sticking it to me for the rest of my life.”  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it (read: complained about it) a time or two…or maybe even a dozen.

But I’ve never really written out the whole story of the brush piles and how they came into our lives. I promise I won’t spend this whole post complaining, but in order to tell the tale, there might be an teeny-tiny bit of belly-aching.  I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.  Scouts honor.

When we bought the property, it started out as just acres and acres of forest, and even though we wanted to keep it that way for the most part, we needed a driveway and a spot to put a house. So sometime around last August, we called an excavator to bring out a bunch of big machines and partially clear a portion of the land.

I must say, those machines were amazing.  It really was incredible watching them push down huge trees with hardly any effort at all.  We were all in awe of the process, but as the trees fell, we noticed that the fallen trees kept getting piled up and pushed to the edge of the woods.

We did have the sense to ask if there was another option, but the excavator just kind of shrugged us off.  He assured us that in about six months the wood would be good and dry and burn with no problem.  Since this was our first time clearing land, we didn’t know any better and just thought, “Well, those fallen trees have to go somewhere, I guess.”  But as the project wore on, they continued to pile up and up and up.  There seemed to be no good place to put all that extra wood.Brush-Pile-1 Continue Reading…

One Bite at a Time

Leigh —  August 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

IMG_8692I am happy to report that we finally have some progress out on the property.  Woo hoo! After months of discussing where’s the best place to put what and phone calls to experts for quotes, we were finally given the green light to start moving forward. The process has been slow, but that’s alright by me.

I would much rather make the right decision slowly than a wrong one quickly.

The first thing on our “To do” list was to clear a driveway.  I know that sounds simple enough, but as I’ve learned, a lot of thought goes into where you’re going to put a driveway.  Things like where you are going to put a house and how you plan to get water and electricity to that spot are important factors to think through before the first tree is pushed over.  Also we would like to eventually dig a pond, and so it was important to find out if that was possible because I didn’t want my driveway ruining the only available pond site.

So for the past several months, those are the kinds of decisions that we have been making, and while it feels slow because we haven’t made any changes to the land, we have the security in knowing that everything has been well thought out.

Ken spent the day in the blazing sun just standing around and watching the trees come down.  I’m not sure if it was because he was so excited to finally see some progress or because he wanted to make sure no one veered too far from his plan.  Maybe it was a little bit of both.

  All day long he was texting me various pictures that looked similar to this one:IMG_8678 Continue Reading…