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What’s in a Name?

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So last Friday was kind of a big day for Edie.  As she was playing in the dinosaur bones at the McWane Center, it finally happened.  She met another little girl named Edie.  In fact, she spelled her name the same and everything.  Those of you with common names might not know this, but this is a big deal.

I should know.  I spent the first twenty-one years of my life with a very uncommon nickname.  It’s very obvious how long I’ve known you by what you call me.  If you know me as Leigh, then you met me sometime in the past eleven years, but if you call me “Lei-Lei”, then we go way back.

I never had an experience like Edie did on Friday.  I’m not sure I ever met a kid with my name.  I certainly don’t remember it if I did.  The only other person I know with this name is the actress, Leelee Sobieski.  I would meet the occasional Lily, and that was close…but it wasn’t the same.

Edie’s encounter with Edie couldn’t have come at a better time.  A couple of weeks ago she had met an older little girl at the library.  I’m not sure what transpired between them, but when we got in the car, Edie had decided that her name was weird.

“Why did you name me Edie?” she asked.  She spit out the two syllables of her name with disgust.

Because Daddy and I thought that name fit your personality.  It’s fun and cute…and you just don’t meet that many Edies.  It fits you, honey.  You’re unique like your name.”

“Well, I don’t like it.”

Well, it could be worse.  You could be named Roark.”

I wish I had a great story to tell her about why we named her Edie, but the truth is we just liked that name.  We spent my entire pregnancy not being able to agree on a name.  Now, I will be the first to brag on my husband and say how awesome he is, but let’s face it.  Nobody is perfect.  And if I had to name a flaw in my mate, its this: he stinks at naming babies.  He is impossible.  He throws out the worst ideas and then shoots down all of my good ones.  See this post if you don’t believe me.

He wanted to name Edie a letter such as Elle or Em.  I thought Elle McKibben sounded to much like Elle Macpherson, and I thought Em McKibben sounded  like too many M’s.  I wanted to name her Emily for my grandmother.  For as long I can remember, my grandmother begged me to name my daughter Emily, her middle name.  Ken gave it the big thumbs down.  So we were stuck.  Then he threw out Dahlia like the flower.  That was just a little too out there for me.

And then one morning while I was getting ready for work, it came to me.  Fox and Friends was on in the background as I was putting on my make-up.  Next up, E.D. Hill interviewing somebody.  It was like a light bulb turned on over my head.  Emily Dahlia…E.D.  It had Emily.  It had Dahlia.  And it was letters!  It had something for everybody!

When I posed it to Ken, he said,”That’s too confusing. If we’re going to call her E.D., then just name her Edie.”  And her name was born.  Later, we decided to spell it E-D-I-E after Edie Brickell.  We wore her CD out listening to it over and over again when we were dating at sixteen, and I liked the memory.  So it seemed fitting.

Edie from the McWane Center was named after her grandmother, Edith.  Even though my Edie wasn’t named after anyone specific, I like to think that her name means compromise.  That it represents her parents working together to come to an agreement.  I don’t care what the baby name book says.  That’s what her name means to me.

4:00 pm: We arrived at the hospital and checked in.

4:05 pm: Leigh put on her hospital gown.

4:15 pm: Boredom set in.

4:30 pm: Leigh and I tossed around a few baby names. I’m leaning toward Thor if it’s a boy.

4:45 pm: Channel flipping was completely unsuccessful.

5:00 pm: Doctor arrived and commenced with procedures that were gross enough for me to leave the room.

5:15 pm: Further attempts at channel flipping remained unsuccessful.

5:30 pm: Contractions began.

5:45 pm: Leigh ordered food, and I set out to find the cafeteria.

6:00 pm: I ate my food. It was gross.

6:45 pm: Leigh’s food arrived: macaroni, green beans, and an unidentifiable rubbery meat-like substance, possibly chicken. It was gross.

6:50 pm: Leigh vowed never to eat hospital food again.

I'll never eat hospital food again!

I'll never eat hospital food again!

7:30 pm: We have abandoned the TV and have resorted to posting on the blog for entertainment.

Big Sister

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Ken set up our make shift studio last night so we could take a couple more pregnancy photos before the big day.  Just wanted to post one of the little squirt next to the big squirt.  I will let you determine which is which.  There are more to come…hopefully Ken will get them processed for me tonight so I can post them before we go to the hospital tomorrow.  Of course, I have a pretty good “honey do” list for him between now and then, so we will see…

My two cents

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I am not proud to admit that I have had several fender benders in my driving history, and in every case, the person that I hit is not some sweet person that understands that accidents happen and that’s why we have insurance.  No…it’s always some trashy, put-out woman with dark roots and tight pants that I get share the experience with. 

Truth is, I don’t know what happened yesterday.  I definitely bumped the woman’s car with my van.  However, I was sitting at a red light and had only taken my foot off the brake.  I had not even touched my gas pedal, for crying out loud.

I immediately get out of my van apologizing, and what does she do?  She gets one long look at me, takes a puff off her cigarette, and gets back in her car…not a single word.  I would find this rude even if I wasn’t 36 weeks pregnant, but the fact that she did not even have the decency to ask if I was alright spoke volumes about her…at least to me it did.

And so as I drove off after giving my statement to the officer (who did have some decency by the way), I was left with yet another lesson I want to teach my kids:  If you are in an auto accident, no matter how small, and a woman involved looks like she is about to bust open with child, just ask if she is ok.  You don’t have to be her friend, or even like her, but it’s just common courtesy, I think.

Basket Case

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I like to think of myself as a pretty level headed person.  In fact, my sweet husband often says that for a girl, I am very logical and can see past the emotion when making decisions.  I guess I have always had my feet placed firmly in reality.  It’s just who I am.  Well, I say always…I can actually think of two periods in my life where this was not the case, and funny, they both fall about nine months before my children were born.

You see when I get pregnant, I kind of become a basket case.  Poor Ken never knows who he is coming home to that night-the wife that loves and adores him and showers him with kisses or the psycho curled up in a corner crying and chewing on her hair.  Now you put that basket case in a situation where important decisions have to be made, and you can imagine the result…that was me last week.  Fortunately for Ken, he was out of town and didn’t have to witness this emotional roller coaster ride.

I will spare you all of the details and sum it up quick.  We thought we might induce the baby this next week due to the hearing loss problem.  I weighed the risks/options and decided not to do this for several reasons, and for the most part, my hearing has returned.  The good news was that I got a lot done in preparation for the baby since I went from having a month to prepare to a week, but it really was a crummy week for me emotionally.  We are now sticking to the original plan and should have a new baby the week after Christmas.