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I can’t talk about whale watching without giving a little bit of back story.  It’s another one of those stories that Ken tells whenever he gets the chance.  I like to think he wants to brag on me because it was one of my finer moments, and I handled it like a champ.

Last year while Ken and I were in Boston for the opening of the museum, our friend reserved tickets for us on the very same tour we were about to take with the kids.    As we were walking down the gang plank and boarding the ship, Ken’s cell phone started to ring.  It was the museum, and the system was down. He had to rush back to the museum immediately.  So he left me standing there on the gang plank as he took off running towards the museum.

I boarded the ship and went on the three and half hour tour alone.  As in, all by myself. Well, I guess I wasn’t completely alone.  There were a lot of other folks on the boat, but I didn’t know any of them. And since I didn’t know I would be riding by myself, I wasn’t prepared with any devices for entertainment. I won’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed when Ken left me there, but hey, I’m an Alabama girl.  I was raised to be friendly! I had a handful of new friends by the time the tour was over.  I think I received some major “cool wife” points that day for not pitching a fit when he had to leave.Roark at the front of the ship

So all of that to say, I’d been on this tour before and seen whales, but I was willing to do it again because I knew the kids would love it.  And it really wasn’t Ken’s fault that he missed out on the first tour.

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Reading in the RVThe plan for our Boston adventure went something like this…get to Boston as quickly as possible, let Ken get his work done, and then plan the rest of the trip.  Anyone who has ever met me knows that this is not my normal way of doing things.  I like to plan all the details including all our meals and campsites down to which underwear everyone will be wearing on what day, but that wasn’t in the cards for this trip. 

 When we originally started talking about the trip, Ken thought he had about three weeks before he needed to be up in Boston.  I thought three weeks to plan and pack was pushing it and wasn’t sure I would be able to be ready by then.  But then Ken talked to the folks at the museum, and we found out that they needed him up there as soon as possible.  He told me to pack some clothes and get in the RV.  He said that I could plan the rest of the trip on the twenty hour drive up there.

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Boston Bound

Leigh —  June 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

I never posted anything about the week  Ken and I spent in Boston last April because of the hackers.  So I thought I would do it now.

You remember that week following the marathon bombing?  The week of the man-hunt when they shut the city down?  Ken and I were there, working at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and searching for a place to eat.

Last spring, MediaMerge completed the install on the Tea Party museum.  We did all the audio, video and technology in the place.  WARNING: a shameless plug is about to happen!  We were super proud to be a part of that project, and if you are ever in the Boston area, you should definitely check out this museum. It’s on the site where the original Boston Tea Party took place in 1773.  It’s one of the coolest things our little company has ever been a part of, and we’ve done some pretty cool things in the past twelve years!  It is definitely worth a visit.

Several months ago Ken was talking to one of the owners of the museum, and he invited us up to Boston for a special statue dedication and theatrical production of John and Abigail Adams’ love letters.  Ken had been looking for an excuse to  go back to the museum anyway to take some pictures for our marketing, and I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with Abigail Adams.  So we decided to turn it into a little mini-vacation with a little work on the side and left the kids at home with my folks.

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Who’s with me?

Leigh —  March 14, 2013 — 6 Comments

I love my seventeen year old motor-home. There, I said it.

Say whatever you want about me.  Call me a redneck.  I don’t care because I love my RV.  At night when I’m in it, all snuggled in the bed, I think, “This, right here,  is my happy place.”

OK…so maybe I’m a little defensive about my attachment to our motor-home, but yesterday I had a revelation that some people might find the idea of camping to be revolting.  This newfound enlightenment came in the most likely of places…while folding clothes and watching sitcoms, of course.

I happened to catch a snippet of an episode of The King of Queens.  It was the one where Doug wants to rent an RV for his vacation with Carrie.  As you can imagine, she is way too sophisticated for such a trip.  While she’s going on this rant about why spending a week in Doug’s tenement on wheels would be her own personal hell, I wondered, “Is that how most people see RVing?”

This was news to me.  I figured whenever I talked about camping everyone was extremely jealous of me, but maybe I’ve been wrong all this time.  Perhaps I’m lowbrow, and I didn’t even know it.  After all, if I had to choose between a cross-country camping trip or Paris, I’m going with Doug.  I would choose the RV in a heartbeat.  (DISCLAIMER: I’ve done both.  I’ve traveled to Paris and camped all over our great country.  So this is an informed decision.)

Why go to the Louvre when you can experience the greatest artwork in nature all around you?  And who needs croissants when you can have smores made with Nutella?  I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in all this.  I’m just a simple girl with simple tastes…but right or wrong, I’m afraid I might be raising my kids to feel the same.

You think they would chose touring Notre Dame over fishing…

…or playing in the mud with new friends?

Not likely!

Not that I’m against taking my kids to Paris one day.  I hope to travel the world with them, but I might just wait until they’re older… like when Roark no longer wants to collect souvenir rocks.…or is perfectly content riding this kind of train instead of the Chunnel.For now, we are all perfectly happy to just go camping in the woods with the deer and squirrels.  I am curious to know if I am the only girl out there that feels this way.  Are most people like Carrie Heffernan? Or are you with me and Doug on this?

A Happy Camper

Leigh —  August 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve decided that camping is good for my soul.  Life just seems to slow down when we’re gone, and I like that.

I’ve never thought of myself at “outdoors-y”, but there is just something about camping that I find extremely relaxing.  I find myself taking time to catch grasshoppers with Roark and play board games with Edie.  I sit in a lawn chair with Ken and watch our children ride bikes.   I soak up every minute of it.

For some reason, I don’t make time for these things when we are at home, caught in our daily chores and shuffling. But when we’re camping I notice the little things like the smell of the outdoors on my children’s necks or their dirty feet.   Signs of a day well spent.

I actually dusted off the SLR this weekend in an attempt to capture some of the beauty that we experienced…like Edie’s kool-aid mustache and lioness hair.


Or the joy she experiences when she’s being pushed on the swings.  Oh, how I love that smile!


It’s not everyday that Roark stands eye-to-eye with a goat, but when he does, it’s a good one.


When we’re camping, I take time to relax.  On a normal day, I stink at relaxing.  Oh, I might try to lay around and read a book, but I can’t ignore toilets that need to be scrubbed or dishes that need to be washed.  It’s always in the back of my mind, all the things I should be doing.  I’ve finally figured out how to turn that off…leave the house and chores behind.  Get outside and soak it in.

That’s what we did last weekend, and it was perfect.