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This past weekend we took my folk’s RV for another trial run.  Once again, Ken passed the next test: driving while towing a vehicle.  So now there is nothing standing in the way of the McKibben Cross-country Vacation planned for next month.

We went up to Huntsville again for more campaigning over the holiday.  I told Ken the next guy we support needs to be located in Birmingham.  While it does get me out of the house and change up the routine, packing for two kids every week is a hassle.

We spent most of the weekend just lounging around the campground, playing tag, and swinging.  We are very quickly becoming sucked into the whole RVing lifestyle.  On the ride home, there was even a discussion about how cool it would be to pack up for three months and take off.

Here are the pictures Ken took from the weekend:

Swan Creek Campground  Tanner, AL

Swan Creek Campground Tanner, AL

Pictured: Me with no make up and Edie who’s head hasn’t seen a hairbrush the entire trip.  That’s roughin’ it!


Our campsite was across the street from the playground.  Something experience has taught us to request.  If you look past the slide and trees, you can spot the RV in the background.  It’s a monster.  I think there is actually more square footage in the RV than there was in mine and Ken’s first house.


This barn was a couple of miles down the road from the campground.  It was located in a beautiful area surrounded by farm land.  In fact, on the other side of the playground there were corn fields as far as the eye could see.