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Well, it’s time for another video!  I know you have been waiting all week to see footage of the next stop on our cross-country adventure.  Well, wait no longer!  When we last left off, we were leaving our friends’ in Floyds Knobs, Indiana and heading further north.  Our ultimate destination was Niagara Falls, but we had one more stop along the way before we reached that goal. We traveled through Ohio’s Amish country, even made of couple of wrong turns along the way, but we eventually arrived at our landing spot for the evening-Berlin, Ohio, or more importantly, the Holmes County Fair complete with pigs, carousels, and funnel cakes.

Again, to read the vacation journal regarding our evening with tractor pulls and livestock, go here.  Otherwise, enjoy the show!

Happy Birthday Dear Roarkie

Leigh —  December 31, 2009 — Leave a comment

During our cross-country trip this past summer, we stopped over in Ocean City, Maryland.  You can’t go to Ocean City without walking down the boardwalk.  So that’s pretty much what we did one evening.  This is Ken’s video of that night.

Before you watch, you should know that Edie’s dancing was completely spontaneous and on her own.  As she passed by a body piercing stand, there was music blaring, and she just couldn’t help herself.  She BECAME the music, and she just had to dance.  Lucky for us, Ken just happened to have the camera already rolling.  Enjoy!

MediaMerge’s shocking discovery may be the only upside of the current conditions. Pun definitely intended.

All kidding aside, MediaMerge is offering some crazy incentives for projects starting in third-quarter 2009.  If your church, museum or office is considering upgrading their sound, video or lighting systems, email for more info.

Several pickles were harmed in the making of this video.

The cinematic story of two buds in the suds…